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If Soldier was a father.

If Soldier was a father.

Is it wrong to be upset that only one of my friends wished me a happy birthday without having to actually mention that it was my birthday?

birthday cheer plz?

Charming? Intimidating? Pal, you’re outta your mind. Guy’s a corny old jackass that laughs at his own jokes and complains non-stop about his feet. A fuckin’ clown. The kind of guy that gives pet names to his ties. Fuck ‘im, awright? Asshole steals the funnies from the newspaper every time he comes over.


No hippie activity here whatsoever.
Well I didn’t finish it before the update but hey, that’s ok.


The Women of Marvel by Bruce Timm.


Clothing of the Future. 1939. Wonderful film showing what the fashion designers of America predicted women would be wearing in the year 2000.

"Ooh! Swish!"